Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where do you get your supplies?

This is a VERY common question. I would have been asking the same thing long ago when I began making dolls. I wasn't on the internet then so I had very limited access to the big world of doll making supplies. I've compiled a list of my main haunts (on the side bar a little ways down). Some may seem a little odd at first. MFasco is where I buy my tubular stockinette for the inner head. Dharma Trading is where I buy the dye for my yarn. J. Hittle is a good place for sewing needles and button craft thread. West Earl Woolen mills doesn't have a website but just them and you'll find their number. They are a dream to work with. I am buying my yarn for the hair from Henry's Attic and for small amounts, their yarns are available at Catnip Yarns. I love, love, love Bunte Fabrics (but then you already know that). Etsy is a great place to find fabric as well. The bulk of my sewing thread comes from Atlanta Thread and Supply. For tying the head, I use 3/2 Perle cotton and I buy it by the pound from Weaving Works
For most of the closures on the clothing I use Soft Velcro. It is narrower and softer than regular Velcro. I buy that from Joann's Crafts and Fabrics when I have a 40% off coupon.
I really appreciate my suppliers and most of them sell to the general public with out a wholesale account. If you find a new one here that works for you tell them Berrie sent you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Those kids o' mine

I have had over 24 hours of birthday fun thanks to my 3 darling daughters. The biggie was a night here . It is a beautiful inn right on the water in Langley, WA. We live about 6 miles and a world away. While island life is quite peaceful anyway, being right on the water adds a welcome calming element. My dear friend Kelly came and joined me for some "sit on the deck and watch the sunset" time. Just perfect.

My little Boston Terrier, Luca, was part of the package as well. She was outfitted with a huge dog bed and snuggly blanket. They even put food and water bowls out. Langley is a very dog friendly community. Well behaved dogs are welcome in the library, banks and most stores. They all have treat containers and there are even "doggie bags" available for when, you know, that time comes.

After check out today, I came home to get ready for dinner out. My girls, their boyfriends and our guys, Kelly and John took the ferry to the Ivars at Mukilteo Landing. A delicious dinner and dessert some present opening and a ferry ride home. More presents and now I'm just plum tuckered. I'm 46, I can say plum tuckered now.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm a Cover Girl!

Okay well my crown is a "cover girl". Here is the cover to the Fall 08 Living Crafts Magazine. That darling crown on that darling boy....yup mine. The crown, not the boy. Inside the mag is my pattern for making 3 different crowns. Pick up your copy August 17th.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Ivy

Here is my newest sweet girl. She is 18" tall and all dressed in pink. Ivy's kimono top is made with Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market fabric. Her pants are made of organic cotton and the fabric came form Bunte Fabrics . Ivy's cap is made of alpaca and the flower trim is hand dyed wool felt. Her little hair ties are made of twill tape and felt. For Ivy's top, I took my kimono pattern and altered it so it has a gathered skirt. Very girly and sweet I'd say. I'm quite pleased with the way Ivy turned out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Babbling

46. That's how old I'll be in 5 days. My girls have been scampering about with a big secret that will be revealed on the 21st. I know there is a ferry ride and a dinner involved. Beyond that, not a clue. All three girls are gainfully employed and they are apparently pooling their loot to do something pretty special for me. I am getting in touch with those excited feelings of anticipation and wonder. Yea me! Double yea them!!
The Bayview Farmer's Market has been a huge success for me. Amidst all of the "hey you're back!" and the "where have you been?" questions, people are buying up my stuff. One of the things I love about selling at the farmer's market is my customer base is generally unaware of Waldorf dolls but they are wanting natural fiber items and handmade crafts. This provides a perfect time to explain about the dolls and the reason for simplicity. It is wonderful!
I have been very inspired by this doll maker. You can get a passable translation through Babelfish if you don't read in German. If you select "bildergalerie", you find her gallery of dolls. I get a little giddy just thinking about it. It is her use of fabrics and color that is inspiring me to use more European fabrics and change my palate to a softer, fresher look.
I have pounds and pounds of mohair on order. When it arrives I will be dyeing it to use on my dolls. I have decided not to buy ready dyed hair yarn for now. Not only will I be spending less money, but I will have complete control over the coloring process. With the cost of my fabrics increasing, it is nice to have the hair cost go down a bit.
Off to my sewing table! I get to play with dolls all day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few new girls and a whole lot of pink




Jade, Pearl and Ruby are the new kids on the block. As, dare I say it, we move towards the "holiday season", will be listing more and more in stock dolls. It is my plan to do fewer custom orders and provide dolls that are ready to mail of to their new homes. These 3 cuties are in my Etsy shop.

5 pretty dresses. Lots of pink. I tossed a bunch of my pink fabrics on the worktable and started cutting strips. I then sewed them into skirts and added bodices. A felt patch and red buttons and they were done. Too sweet!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Royal Crown? Flower Crown? Mushroom Crown?

Yeah! I am being published. The pattern and instructions to make my wool felt crowns will be in Living Crafts magazine. It hits the newsstands August 15 I believe. Kits made with hand dyed 100% wool felt will be available in my Etsy shop beginning the middle of August. A little birdie told me that my Royal Crown has even made it to the cover of the magazine.