Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where do you get your supplies?

This is a VERY common question. I would have been asking the same thing long ago when I began making dolls. I wasn't on the internet then so I had very limited access to the big world of doll making supplies. I've compiled a list of my main haunts (on the side bar a little ways down). Some may seem a little odd at first. MFasco is where I buy my tubular stockinette for the inner head. Dharma Trading is where I buy the dye for my yarn. J. Hittle is a good place for sewing needles and button craft thread. West Earl Woolen mills doesn't have a website but just them and you'll find their number. They are a dream to work with. I am buying my yarn for the hair from Henry's Attic and for small amounts, their yarns are available at Catnip Yarns. I love, love, love Bunte Fabrics (but then you already know that). Etsy is a great place to find fabric as well. The bulk of my sewing thread comes from Atlanta Thread and Supply. For tying the head, I use 3/2 Perle cotton and I buy it by the pound from Weaving Works
For most of the closures on the clothing I use Soft Velcro. It is narrower and softer than regular Velcro. I buy that from Joann's Crafts and Fabrics when I have a 40% off coupon.
I really appreciate my suppliers and most of them sell to the general public with out a wholesale account. If you find a new one here that works for you tell them Berrie sent you.


Lisa said...

Thanks Berrie for the great list.
Can you move your flickr and etsy thing on the side bar back up? I check those to see if you have any new things we need and I am to lazy to scroll down.

Berrie Wren Bowen said...

Your wish is my command. Thank you Lisa

xo Berrie