Monday, July 21, 2008

Those kids o' mine

I have had over 24 hours of birthday fun thanks to my 3 darling daughters. The biggie was a night here . It is a beautiful inn right on the water in Langley, WA. We live about 6 miles and a world away. While island life is quite peaceful anyway, being right on the water adds a welcome calming element. My dear friend Kelly came and joined me for some "sit on the deck and watch the sunset" time. Just perfect.

My little Boston Terrier, Luca, was part of the package as well. She was outfitted with a huge dog bed and snuggly blanket. They even put food and water bowls out. Langley is a very dog friendly community. Well behaved dogs are welcome in the library, banks and most stores. They all have treat containers and there are even "doggie bags" available for when, you know, that time comes.

After check out today, I came home to get ready for dinner out. My girls, their boyfriends and our guys, Kelly and John took the ferry to the Ivars at Mukilteo Landing. A delicious dinner and dessert some present opening and a ferry ride home. More presents and now I'm just plum tuckered. I'm 46, I can say plum tuckered now.


PolarBearCreations said...

~~**Happy belated Birthday Berrie!**~~...and congratulations!
Sounds like you have raised great girls and had a wonderful time on your special day! :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Berrie! :)


Life in the 20 acre woods said...

Happy belated Birthday from me, too!
Hip Hip Hooray for a great lady!