Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Babbling

46. That's how old I'll be in 5 days. My girls have been scampering about with a big secret that will be revealed on the 21st. I know there is a ferry ride and a dinner involved. Beyond that, not a clue. All three girls are gainfully employed and they are apparently pooling their loot to do something pretty special for me. I am getting in touch with those excited feelings of anticipation and wonder. Yea me! Double yea them!!
The Bayview Farmer's Market has been a huge success for me. Amidst all of the "hey you're back!" and the "where have you been?" questions, people are buying up my stuff. One of the things I love about selling at the farmer's market is my customer base is generally unaware of Waldorf dolls but they are wanting natural fiber items and handmade crafts. This provides a perfect time to explain about the dolls and the reason for simplicity. It is wonderful!
I have been very inspired by this doll maker. You can get a passable translation through Babelfish if you don't read in German. If you select "bildergalerie", you find her gallery of dolls. I get a little giddy just thinking about it. It is her use of fabrics and color that is inspiring me to use more European fabrics and change my palate to a softer, fresher look.
I have pounds and pounds of mohair on order. When it arrives I will be dyeing it to use on my dolls. I have decided not to buy ready dyed hair yarn for now. Not only will I be spending less money, but I will have complete control over the coloring process. With the cost of my fabrics increasing, it is nice to have the hair cost go down a bit.
Off to my sewing table! I get to play with dolls all day.


Kelly said...

Wow! Her dolls are really inspiring! All the little knitted details and accessories! And I love the hair parted on the side...will have to try that when I get back to making dolls....I really wanna get a serger before I get started again!

Steffinchen said...

Ah! Puppenwiege! Yes, she makes wonderful dolls with a very own look. She uses lovely fabrics and felt.
She wrote a few weeks ago that she has the carpal tunnel syndrome and it is hard for her.
Do you also know (my fave) or or
Liebe Grüße

PolarBearCreations said...

How funny,Puppenwiege has been one of my favorite sites, besides your dolls and Schnuffelpuppen. I love to go there for inspiration as well.

woolies said...

Happy Birthday!