Sunday, April 17, 2011

A new way to get a Moonchild Doll

The wonderful world of Waldorf style dolls has become so full in these past few years. So many new doll makers and so many new patrons. While it has been exciting to see this market grow it has also present a few issues. There are many more customers than there are dolls available.

I am a one woman operation and can only produce a limited amount of Moonchild dolls and clothing per month. I am searching for a fair way to get my dolls to people that are new to my dolls or have been trying with no luck to buy a Moonchild doll.

I will use the technique of a doll maker that I greatly admire and respect.
My solution for now will be to have a few scheduled uploads to an invitation only blog. This means you will be able to see the dolls and find which one speaks to you most. Then at a specified time, I will open up the comments and the first person to comment on the doll of their choice will be able to purchase that doll.
Please do not "angel" a doll for another as this is only for people who really want a Moonchild of their own.

This is for people that have never had a Moonchild doll. I will have the first sale in June.

If you would like to be on my list please send me an email with your name, email, country, your Paypal email (if different than your communication email) and the type of Moonchild doll you been hoping to have. I will have 40 spots available.



Anonymous said...

Very Nice! I do have one, so I won't be joining, but if I didn't have lovely Simmy I would definetly love this!

Anonymous said...

WHat a great idea! I would love on of your dolls!
Kari Thompson
And I am partial to the boy dolls...but would really be open to any! Thanks for the opportunity!

Kim said...

WoW! What a great opportunity. I am sooo looking forward to June.
I guess you will email us an invite, if we are invited when the time nears?
(Still staring at Violet Wren -- and a few others :-))

Fabs said...

Berrie, I think this is a most wonderful way of allowing your work to spread and for people to have a chance to actually read and decide wether a doll is right for them or not, instead of having to buy in a hurry since they know time is of the utmost importance nowadays when buying the dolls. I too feel like there must be a different path ahead of me, as I am too a one-woman operation and the demand is sometimes overwhelming. I trust that this system will work out well for you, and that you will soon have a very well-oiled machine :-) Thanks for sharing...I might end up joining your list after all ;-)

Barrie Hamby said...

Kari. Be sure to send your information as an email to

marirob said...

You are so sweet to do this for Moonchild Newbies! We already have ours and I'm so excited for others to share in the Moonchild love!

Anonymous said...

Oh okay! Thanks! Doing it right now!

Noah0382 said...

Love to own one!

Barrie Hamby said...

Willow. Be sure to send the required info to my email.

Maria said...

My girl love so much your dolls . I will be happy if i can have one :))


Barrie Hamby said...

Hi Maria. Be sure to email the required information to

Shelley said...

emailed you! thanks, berrie!!! xoxo

angelina said...

best of luck to all. this is a nice way of doing things. x

Belel said...

I'd love to have a boy :)

Anonymous said...

I still thinking this is a lovely idea for newbies!

I am just slightly currious for clarification, will you still make a few dolls available for repeat customer during this time, RTG?


Barrie Hamby said...

Hi Kimberly, Yes indeed I will have regular uploads to Etsy. Clothes and dolls.

Sapo Verde said...

What a wonderful idea! It shows so much consideration and care for your customers. <3

Anonymous said...

Would Love a girl doll with colorful hair for my daughter who has wanted one for 2 years now and i can not find them about readt to give up but this is great for new customers my daughter will be happy happy!!!! usa