Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hard Body?

I make a very firm doll. Yes it's true. A doll that gives some resistance when hugged has a strong presence. It has substance. I believe that squishy bodies are wonderful in stuffed animals and pillow style dolls but a human formed, dressable doll that takes on the role of companion and confidant to a child needs to "feel human" to that child. A firm doll will hold it's shape even with loads of hugs and rough and tumble play.

It has taken me years to be able to stuff a body firmly and smoothly. It is very difficult to make the proper lines on the head when it is made as firmly as I make it. My hands really pay the price. It is well worth it though. Knowing that the doll can withstand a lifetime of adventures is one of the most rewarding aspects of doll making.

I love what I do.


endless13 said...

And so do I! :) Keep up the great and beautiful work that you do. The dolls you create are truly wonderful! We love our Moonbaby so very much :)

Aimee B said...

A soft bodied doll is like a limp handshake!Moonchild Dolls "give as good as they get" and look great doing it! They are truly "present"! You do fabulous work!

Mary Jane's Tearoom said...

Your work is beautiful Berrie!
Best wishes for a lovely Easter,
Susan x

Debra said...

I love what you do too :)

leaslooks said...

I love what you do, too! I also think your dolls are very childlike and their bodies are perfect.