Saturday, April 23, 2011

Invitation Only Upload

                                        (this group was made for Enchanted Toys)
On June 26th I am having an invitation only doll sale. I will have a minimum of 15 dolls and a variety of clothes and accessories. As I wrote in my previous post, this is for families that have never owned a Moonchild doll. Whether you bought one, received one as a gift, traded for one or even bought one and no longer have it, you are not eligible to participate in this sale. I will still upload dolls and clothes to my Etsy shop
I am closing sign ups for this round at midnight (pacific time) on Monday April 25. I will send an email to all participants. On June 20th I will send and invite to you all to join the Moonchild Doll blog where you can preview the dolls, clothes and accessories. They will have descriptions and prices.
At a set time (which I will specify in the email) you will have the opportunity to place a comment under the doll you wish to purchase. The limit is 1 doll only. You may comment on clothing and accessories as well and there is not a limit on those. The first comment under each item is the person who has first option to purchase the doll. If you do not see the right doll for you, you may be stay on the list to have access to the next sale. If you receive a Moonchild doll before then you will be removed from the list.
The next invitation only sale will be in August.


marirob said...

Wow Berrie! The newbies are so lucky - 15 dolls? Amazing! What a wonderful way to spread the love! I have a question - will you be posting photos of the dolls after you sell them so we can all enjoy them? I always love seeing photos of your dolls!

Andrea said...

How do I add my name to the list?

Paula said...

I would also like to sign up for the invitation only sale