Sunday, November 30, 2008


2008. What happened? It seems as though you just arrived. I am curious about why our perception of time changes as we age. I have had a busy, full year and it seems to only have taken a moment to pass. I see such possibilities for 2009. In my business life and my personal life.

With the advent of the new year, I will be doing a re-work on how I run my little doll making venture. I am so fortunate to be able to spend my days (and many nights!) doing what I love and feeling the joy and appreciation when the finished product lands in the hands of its recipient. I will be changing my focus a bit for next year though. I will be paring down my availability for custom orders and spending more time on building my wholesale accounts. More on this in the future.

I have been parenting my entire adult life. Almost 28 years ago my dear baby Amber made her appearance. Darling Olivia and Sweet Julia arrived a decade later (13 months apart). Through the bulk of these years, I have been a single parent. While this has not been an easy row to hoe, I am so pleased to see how these wee babes are becoming the type of people that will be a positive addition to our world. They are funny, intelligent, self knowing and they still love their mom! I used to say that my parenting goal was that my children would still want to know me when they became adults. I believe I have accomplished this and so much more. These 3 young women are now 27, 17 and 16. The youngest 2 are sneaking up on the end of high school and all three are gainfully employed. I am very thankful indeed!

Having parenting be my focus for so long, I have put my personal life on hold. As you may have seen in a certain previous post , I know that I am ready to begin looking at the possibility of having a companion in my life. I have become re-acquainted with a long time, very dear friend and the exploration has begun!

I have so much to be thankful for. Incredible parents (my father is gone but his love and lessons are with me daily), wonderful children, great friends, a full happy and healthy life and a bright future.

I wish the absolute best for all of you


Meike said...

Awww, Berrie, such a lovely post!

You truly deserve all the happiness in the world. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2009 brings your way - lots and lots of good stuff, I'm sure of it. All the very best to you too!!

Annette said...

I love your blog and want to wish you the very best in 2009. You are probably still busy finishing up customs, but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you and your kindness. I love your work and Max loves playing with his Moondrops, even if it is way past Halloween, lol.

Thanks, Annette from WoolCreations

Karlchen-Puppen, waldorfinspirierte Puppen said...

Thank you for your best wishes. The same for you.
Your post sounds so happy. Everything you describe is really a reason to appreciate. That you children are on such a good way is pleasing me for you. These are the wishes I have for my children as well.

Scarlet said...

That's my parenting goal, too--that my child and I will be friends when he's grown up. How inspiring to know someone who is achieving it!

I'm excited to hear about your new wholesale projects and, of course, your love life. ;) We miss you at VV but hopefully you'll have more time to chat after the holidays!

Karen said...

Wow, you're beautiful.

dottyspots said...

Just dropping by to say I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas and to wish you all the best for the New Year :0)

Anonymous said...

You have very beautiful works.
May I link your blog to mine?