Saturday, November 1, 2008

Moondrops! Moondrops! Moondrops!

A Moondrop is a wee 4" doll that is perfect for all ages. They are at home in lunch baskets, pockets, chubby little hands, doll houses, toy cars and, of course, on your holiday gift list. They are made with 80%/20% cotton/poly velour, wool, and cotton tricot. They are hand washable and prefer to be washed in the bathtub with their human companion if possible.
I am offering free worldwide shipping on all Moondrops through the end of 2008 and a discount on the purchase of multiples.
All colors are available and you have your choice of skin tones. Peach, Golden (shown above), Caramel and Dark Cocoa.
Click on the picture above for a larger view of the Moondrops.

1 Moondrop - $10
2-6 Moondrops - $9 each
7-12 Moondrops - $8.50 each
13+ Moondrops - $8.00 each

Choose your favorite colors and E-mail me at:

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