Thursday, October 2, 2008

I come out of the shadows to be seen!

Yes! I am a real person. See? This is not a photo of a one of my dolls. I can take blurry pictures of myself. Such talent! Even though my photography sucks, you can see the thingy in my right eye. I have a pterygium. I know what you're thinking. Oooh! How exotic. Berrie is soooo cool! She has a pterygium. Well here's how you can get one too. First it helps to be a fair skinned person. Then, grow up in Southern California or other very sunny place. And most importantly, do not under any circumstances wear sunglasses. This "eyesore" (ha! ha!) does not bother me but it is on the move and may need to be removed someday. I know......lucky me!


PolarBearCreations said...

It's nice to put a face to the name. :0)Hello Berrie!
I don't like to have pictures taken of myself , but I have one on my website on the "about me" page.
I had never heard about a pterygium.(I read up on it) It doesn't bother your vision? From what I read , removal should be easy, right?
I have no central vision in one eye and now that I'm a bit older my good eye needs a bit of help when I sew. It's annoying to wear reading glasses, but oh well, I'm getting used to them.

waldorfgirl said...

There you are! We haven't seen you in sooooooo long, our "Berrie with the golden hair" :)

xo Beth

Yvonne said...

Hi Berrie! It really is nice to put a face with the name :) Maybe I will follow suit ;)

Life in the 20 acre woods said...

Hi, Berrie! : ) Pleased to make your acquaintance!

I've been dieing to see you. When I saw a picture of your mum, I started to suspect you might not look like how I imagined you: beautiful, dark, kindly, moonfaced plump dollmaker. (Don't ask me why, perhaps because of the dolls...)

And there you are: golden haired, fair skinned, young and very beautiful!

christina at bamboletta said...

Hello Berrie! What a beautiful woman you are :) If it makes you feel any better, my right eye is legally blind and I have a tear in my retina that I have to go get checked every few month. Whats with us dollmakers and our crazy eyes? I know how busy you are right now- wishing you all the best for these long nights :) xo Christina

pĆ¼ppilottchen said...

ah - hi!!! nice to meet you ;D

lg, nicola