Sunday, May 18, 2008

Math and Physics

First apologies. I really am a sucky blogger. I read a lot of other blogs and I love reading about the simplest little details of life. Throughout my day I touch on moments and thoughts that would be good blog fodder. Do I make the effort? Obviously not. This is evidence of my leaf being turned over.
So..math and physics. I have 3 lovely daughters and 1 bathroom. The one bathroom that we do have must have been designed by someone who never lived with an actual female. Upon entering this space you are faced with a wall. Right in front of you. Why? to the left and squeeze through an 18" space between the wall and counter to get to the 12 square foot "big area". The sink and mirrors are in a corner. ick.
Now my daughters all leave the house within minutes of each other in the morning. 3 people do not fit in this bathroom. Why, then, do my daughters, who are all of average intelligence yet possess superior entitlement delusions, save their bathroom primping till the last minute? It can get loud. They are 16, 17 and 27 years old (that's right, 27).
I know it's obvious. Take turns. Time management. Be nice. All that stuff you learn in kindergarten. Maybe it is some sort of crazy sister bonding. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is a problem. They are old enough to figure it out.
I think I'll go sew.


Liberty Star Farm said...

I've heard of others having this same challenge. One solution is to add a sink/vanity to a bedroom if it shares a common wall with the bathroom plumbing.

When I went on a home tour a few years ago this was a feature being built in to older girls rooms with a pedestal style sink with a small framed mirror and small lights on either side.

Astrid said...

LOL! I think it's just what you call a law of nature! We're going to have the same problem here - fortunately it'll take a while before we get to that point. How about at least putting up mirrors with good lighting in their respective bedrooms? ;)