Friday, April 25, 2008

Meet Lark - More than just a head

Darling Lark is the tutorial head. She is a 13" Moonchild Waldorf doll and she's hanging out in my Etsy shop while she is waiting for her new family to find her. Lark loves to garden but is disinclined to do any weeding. She is just as happy with dandelions as she is with daffodils. She is happily studying French and working on her handwork skills. She has an uncanny eye for color.

Lark is sharing a room with Sparrow. While Sparrow is a bit younger than Lark, she is almost a head taller. Sparrow is a daydreamer and has a little trouble staying focused on one activity at a time. She tends to leave a trail of unfinished projects in her wake. She loves homemade yogurt and board books. Sparrow is certain her new family will find her soon. Sparrow has moved to Australia. She has high hopes of learning to throw a boomerang.


Astrid Thusgaard said...

Lark is so beautiful! I also adore the fabric you used for her darling outfit! Amazing work!

martha said...

your dolls are just beautiful.