Sunday, April 13, 2008

Doll Hair and other mysteries

As many Waldorf doll makers know, doll hair can be a real pain. Not just the actual making of the wig, but getting the yarn to begin with. There are a few wholesale sources out there. They supply a nice quality yarn in a wide range of colors. There have been long stretches of time when certain colors or styles just aren't available. What to do? It can be tricky to say the least. The doll makers that also sell supplies probably feel it the most.
So my new plan.....dye my own. No long waiting periods from the manufacturer. No need to buy way more than I need. More color choices. More work. More fun.

This is my first "real dye job" A deep chestnut brown.

I have used Lemonade Kool Aid for blonde hair and it works great! But Kool Aid doesn't come in a Sandy Brown or a decent Brunette. I can, though, mix up an awesome Mossy Green. The secret....1 pack of orange to 4-5 packs of lime.
There are so many ways to put a head of hair on a doll. I use just a few of them. Actually this is the technique I use the most. I crochet a cap and loop hair in. For the short hair dolls, I usually just make loops while I am crocheting and then cut them after the wig is sewn on. Dolls that have a brushed mohair wig sometimes get an additional piece that looks like parted hair. This is nice for doll that will end up with pig tails. Like this one:

More on hair later.


SagePixie said...

to get a nice lighter brown use orange and purple :-)

It is my go to recipe for knitting monkeys and dying my own yarn for said monkeys ;-)

Berrie Wren Bowen said...

I will give that recipe a whirl in the morning. Thanks!!

Meike said...

Oh boy yes, doll hair... I'm still learning, and I find it almost always takes me more time to finish the wig than it took me making the whole rest of the doll!

Anyway. I like the idea of dyeing your own doll's hair. I've been wanting to dye my own yarn - maybe I should start with a bit of doll's hair then? :)