Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Secret is out...

I've opened up a new Etsy shop. I make such a variety of things that my Waldorf doll shop isn't always the best place to showcase and sell. I love making clothing and quilts. When I'm quilting, I always think that that is all I ever want to do. When I am making dolls, I tell myself that that is all I want to ever make. So clearly I can't believe me. I like to sew. This much I know is true.
As I was listing my items this afternoon, a wrap pants set sold before I was even finished. I love that! So please take a peek and check back as I will be adding more over the next few days.
Here is a baby/throw quilt to get you started:


Alicia said...

Oooh, how very exciting! Your new shop is just beautiful, I love the jolly smock and shorts with toadstool moondrop! Will you be making doll quilts for this shop? Very inspiring :)

Meike said...

I wish I could make beautiful things like that. :) Maybe I should take up quilting... O no! I've got too many hobbies as it is, LOL! :)

Anyway - Congrats on opening the new shop!