Monday, December 31, 2007

Inspriation just sneaks up - No warning

When a customer says "just do that thing you do" or "my daughter love pinks and girly colors". I just go to my fabric stash (read PILE) and I find inspiration just swarming around me. I began this kimono style set with the idea it needed to be sweet and girly. The Mousefeather's dress that the fabric came from had been cut up month's ago and used in another set. I had almost enough for the whole top. I had to figure out a way to make it work. Either the sleeves or the back or even a front panel were going to have to be made out of a different fabric. Sifting through what I had available, the pink Kaffe Fasset fabric was yelling "pick me! pick me!". Not one to ignore anything Kaffe Fassett or his fabric tells me, I did indeed pick the Roman Glass fabric.
Hmmm... mistake? I am wondering. Not looking quite right. What to do. And then, out of the blue (the way most of my ideas show up), I see what needs to be done. I "eek" out the last whole flower basket from the scraps of the dress and applique it on the back of the kimono. That's it! I love it! It has that busy Oilily look that makes my heart sing. This is what makes sewing and creating so much fun.
I have always said I am the queen of "make do". Even when it looks like something isn't quite working, the answer just seems to present itself. It's my job to pay attention.

This doll set is for an 18" Waldorf doll.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What will 2008 hold for Moonchild Handwork Studio and Me

With the advent of the New Year, I feel the energy and inspiration to make positive changes in my business. Building a website is top on the list. I am hoping to make it easier for my current and future customers to get information on the dolls I make and to be able to order with ease. Right now, I rely on loads of e-mailing back and forth and I worry about missing something important.
One of the most enjoyable parts of making my dolls is the opportunity to come up with creative clothing for them. I am working on some new patterns to be sold as additional clothing. My standard dolls will come with a set outfit and there will be a choice of color or fabric pattern. Additional outfits, doll quilts, diapers and shoes will be available.
Another thing I'm very excited to do is share some patterns and tutorials. I love it when people want to try their hand at doll making and I would be so happy to share what I know and provide assistance. I should have my first free pattern up by February.
I will be giving myself a raise in the New Year and the new prices will be reflected on orders starting Jan 1st. It isn't much, but it may be noticed by my returning customers.
I appreciate each and everyone of you. I began sewing full time at the beginning of September 2007 and I was blown away by the response I received. I got in a little over my head and your patience and understanding helped me through the growing pains. I learned so much about my limitations and what is actually possible.

Here's to a exciting and wonderful New Year!

Much Love,

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jamie's new Pirate and Little Baby Boy

This roguish Pirate is going to live in Arizona. He has given up his high seas shenanigans and is retiring to a life of golfing and river rafting. His little (yet oddly, bigger) baby brother can now have someone to look up to without the side effects of thieving and skalawaging behaviours.

How does anyone learn the English language with words like these?

Is it just me, or do these all sound the same? This was my first thought upon waking this morning. What's up with that? Surely there are more pressing things on my plate than English as a second language and the difficulties it may pose.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What does one do with so many Moondrops?

Hannah's Rainbow Ring of Moondrops
Originally uploaded by moonchild studio


This is how it begins.

First there is a head. Then body parts. Then they all come together to make a doll made from the heart.

When a doll is finished, I usually take a photo and post it to my Flickr page so the new owner can see what's coming.
I will be posting the whole process here on my bloggety blog blog.
This holiday season was the beginning of my "just stay home and sew" career. I found out that there is actually a finite number of hours in the day to sew and that I had taken on more orders than I could reasonably do in the time alloted. Steep and painful learning curve for me, but very valuable. I will be taking doll orders for the second half of January and February and beyond at this time. Until I have an order form created, you are welcome to e-mail me for information.