Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is how it begins.

First there is a head. Then body parts. Then they all come together to make a doll made from the heart.

When a doll is finished, I usually take a photo and post it to my Flickr page so the new owner can see what's coming.
I will be posting the whole process here on my bloggety blog blog.
This holiday season was the beginning of my "just stay home and sew" career. I found out that there is actually a finite number of hours in the day to sew and that I had taken on more orders than I could reasonably do in the time alloted. Steep and painful learning curve for me, but very valuable. I will be taking doll orders for the second half of January and February and beyond at this time. Until I have an order form created, you are welcome to e-mail me for information.

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Tracy Galloway said...

I love that photo of the doll heads and "body parts" - it's so neat to have a peek at the process! I look forward to your tutorials and patterns in the sweet future. xoxo