Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fancy Schmancy

This Christmas was destined to be a small and simple fête.  One of my projects was to make some laundry soap to give to our girls.  So using this recipe, I made over 2 gallons of powdered soap.  A fancy jar from our local hardware store, a colorful wooded scoop and a label using my Cameo Silhouette made it all come together to make a lovely gift for Amber and Julia.  They received this and a big bag of soap to refill the jar.  
No fancy soap for Olivia.  She is in Idaho and will be leaving for the Army National Guard soon. 


Jean(ie) said...

I make my own laundry soap. Love it. I think my clothes came out cleaner with the homemade stuff than it did with the storebought detergent blends. And you dont' get that annoying perfume-y smell!

What a wonderful gift.

Faydra Jones said...

I love how your packaging turned out, Barrie! :-) So sweet! What a great gift.

Bethany said...

Oohh,I love the smell of hand made soap