Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mr. Hamby gets new Glasses

                                                               Check out those peepers.

     Mr. Hamby is retired from the Navy.  We are very fortunate to have superior medical insurance.  Instead of getting new glasses from our local eyewear place or even from the Navy Exchange where there is much to choose from,  my dear husband chose the ones he could get at no cost at the Navy Optometrist.  He had 3 different frames from which to choose  and these were the best ones.

   At first, I must admit, I mocked him and jeered at him.  Within a few hours I was starting to change my tune.  These industrial strength glasses started to work some crazy spell on me.  The little rivets, the thick brown frames.....the look of love (well that's what I see)  behind the bifocal lenses.  I have come to love these glasses.  Mr. H is also dabbling in contact lenses but this pair of glasses keep finding themselves back on his face and into my heart.


Aimee B said...

Mr. Hamby is a man of great character and beauty. You two are such a great match!

Cathy said...

Very handsome on him!!! Tell him they make him look like an Oxford Scholar....Gotta be a UK College. ;-)

Lollipops and Munchkins said...

I LOVE these glasses. My grandfather was a retired Col and my youngest memories of him (and he wore these style since he was active in the military) are with those style. I loved them. I actually keep his pair in my nightstand. It so reminds me of him. Right next to his huge timex watch with leather band. Your husband looks great in them! Superb choice.

Corie said...

How sweet!

beebee said...

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