Friday, September 30, 2011

Custom Dolls for 2012

*****  We had 85 entrants for the Customs List for next year.  I had Mr. Hamby write down 21 numbers from 1-85.  Here is the list of numbers: 1, 9, 10, 15, 16, 18, 22, 28, 33, 25, 37, 41, 43, 49, 55, 60, 68, 72, 73, 80, 85.   I will go and make up next years custom calender with these entrants and then email everyone. Thank you so much to all who entered. *****

The time has come to begin planning what Moonchild Dolls will hold for 2012.

Patterns, new designs, accessories....all exciting for me. I also want to make some custom dolls for my customers. Here is the plan for next year:

I have 21 spots available from February through August. 3 spots each month.

I am offering 13" ($190) and 15" ($245) dolls.

The dolls will come with a full outfit including a hat and crocheted shoes (this is a first). You choose the size, gender, skin tone, hair color and texture (Tibetan Lambskin hair is not available for customs) and body type. You may also choose the colors you would like me to work with in making the clothing for your doll.

You are welcome to order an additional outfit at this time. The cost is $40.

Domestic shipping is $15 International Shipping is $24-43 depending on location
You have two options for payment. A $50 deposit will hold your spot. The balance is due when the doll is complete and ready to ship. You may also choose to pay in full up front in which case I will add an additional outfit at no cost (this can be in addition to a purchased one, if desired).

Because I have only 21 spots available, I will choose by using a lottery style drawing. Leave a comment in this post with as many as 3 of the months you would like to be in the drawing for. You can only have one spot but this will up your chances if you are open to when your doll will be ready.

Please leave your full name and email address. I will not include any entrants that omit this info.
On Sunday, October 9th, I will draw 3 names for each month. I will email all the spot winners and you have till Sunday, October 16th to let me know your preferred payment plan. I will send Invoices on Monday the 17th.
This is open to everyone. I have no limits on Moonchid Doll purchases.


Manuella said...


I am beyond excited for this opportunity!Please count me in!

I would like to be in the drawing of the months of February, March and April, please.

Manuella Pop

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would love to have a spot open for me for a custom doll, in the months of February, March and April.

Your dolls are gorgeous!

Miyako Galluzzi

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a Moonchild :) February, March, April.
Sarah FitzPatrick

MellyMel said...

OK do

Thanks so much for the chance and I would love a 13" for June, July, Aug. please! So excited for this!!

XO Mel

Erica Eley said...

Great! I would love a spot for a 13" for February March or April. Thanks so much, Berrie!

Erica Eley

Lelonie said...

I would love a spot for a 13" for Feb. but I would accept a spot whenever!

Katherine said...

YES! I would love a spot for February, March or June but would take any month to be honest :)
Katherine Gillan,

Anonymous said...

The doll that you did for us is absolutely beautiful. I would love another one of your dolls for my girls. Put me in the pot for June, July, or August. Thanks Berrie.
Aribbe Burch

Anonymous said...

I would love the chance to finally get a Moonchild baby girl for my daughter (and me). We were out of town during the first invitation upload and I couldn't get internet service and I've never had the chance to get a doll since.
Please enter me for any three months - February, May, August. Any month would be great!

Jennifer Bohlen

Thank you!!

Happy Mami said...

Ooh, how very exciting is this?  Thank you for the opportunity! 
I would enjoy being considered for May, June or July. 
Thank you so very much.
Take good care,
Rhonda Fabbro

leaslooks said...

We would LOVE a spot for a 13" doll for either January, February, or March. Daisy turns 3 in March and I know she'd love a doll for her birthday :) (and if it was later than her birthday she wouldn't mind, I'm sure!)

Thank you!
Lea Thomas

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to be entered for a custom Moonchild doll! I would take any of the months but if I have to choose, I will say March, April, May! Thank you so much for the opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Melissa Ferland,

I would love a spot any month, but June, July, or August would be great. I would love a 15 inch doll for my daughter Abigael; her sister Agnes has a Moonchild and she is beloved in our house! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

MaryEllen at would love a custom for March, June, or July. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am so excited and hope that we will get to welcome our first Moonchild doll! And a custom...that would make us very happy! Would be thrilled to have one any month.....but if I have to pick I will say April, May or June! Yippee! Can't wait to see who the lucky ducks are. Thanks for the chance.

Nancy Morosin

Anonymous said...

I would be very happy to be able to own a custom and that she would be loved by my girls and would come to a forever home here and how special she would be for them because she was specially made for them by you.!!I was thinking I would like to be put in for May March and August.I just would love any chance any month!!! I still feel bad about not being able to get one this year but I look at it as maybe good things come to those who wait I hope!!!:)Thanks Berrie for another chance.!

Jeannette Holt (

Kelly S. said...

Wow, I would SO love one of your dolls. Any month would be great, but if we have to pick please include me in the drawing for the months of April, May, and August.


Kelly Snyder

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the chance to have another Moonchild doll join our family. I would love for each of my DGD's to know the joy and love a Moonchild can bring to their life. A spot in April , May or July would be wonderful... any month would be. Thank you for doing this. Hugs
Jill Gustafson

Anonymous said...

I'd love a custom spot for a 15", please put me in the drawing for Feb., March., and April. Thanks so much for the opportunity!
Lisa Cavaliere

Donna said...

Thank you for this opportunity. I would love a doll in any month! June, July , August.
Donna Saunders

Anonymous said...

We would love one for any month at all. We recently received our first moonchild and she is lovely.

Jaqui McRae

Anonymous said...

Would Love a chance for our first 15" Moonchild Doll!! Any month is fine!! Thanks!!

Jaclyn Massengale

Noah0382 said...

Would love to! May June July August etc :)

Willow G.

rhalisky said...

Would love a chance for a 13" doll in any of April, May, or June :D

Rebecca Halisky

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE a custom Doll Berrie. A 13 inch. Whenever a slot is available. Thanks for the opportunity. Kerry Buma @

Melanie said...


I would love a 13" gal...would be very excited for Feb....or March...but will take any spot. She would be our first!

Melanie Behles ( or

Thanks for the chance!

Ann Kilbreath said...

It would be a dream to have a custom spot for one of your dolls.Thank you for the opportunity.

Ann Kilbreath

Jodaleesa said...

how exciting. I would love any month - but April, October or November would be my first choices. Thanks for the chance~!

Jodi Antoniuk

Elizabeth said...

I Would love a spot. Any month, but, May, June or July would be great!

Elizabeth English

w. wilson said...

Whitney Wilson
March, April, or May

Anonymous said...

Hi Berrie,
Thanks for the chance! I'd love a custom 13 inch doll - any month is fine but January, February or March would be great if I have to choose!
Thanks again
Danielle Bush

Kim said...

Hello, I would love a chance for a custom moonchild next year.
I would choose May, June, and August please.
Kim Fotheringham

Thank you :)

Barbara H said...

Would LOVE a custom spot for a 13" doll. Willow Grace's birthday is in May, so a spot for February, March or April would be perfect! :)
Barbara Houck
Thanks for the chance!

Jen A said...

Just the though makes my heart beat a little faster!
February, March or April would be wonderful.
Thank you!!
Jennifer Ambrose

Pauline said...

Thank you, beautiful! Would love 13 inch in June, July or August!
Pauline Todd

Melissa said...

Ohhhhh! This would be our first Moonchild <3 Been so trying for one...I'd love a 13", paid upfront, for my daughter Stella. I'd prefer the month of April, May, or June if I had to choose, but would love any and all months if possible!
Melissa Andersson

Thank you for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I entered my info, but can't see it now...........
Love a 13" doll

Dianne Barber
Jan,Feb, March
Thank you, Di ....if this is a duplicate I am sorry

harry&grace said...

Hello Berrie, this sounds like a wonderful way to sell your custom dolls. Could you please put my name in for May, July and August?

Melinda Marshall

Anonymous said...

Erin Rippy

Anonymous said...

We would love to have one of your beautiful dolls...a 13" doll for the months of January, February or March. Kimberly Rauhauser,

Thank you so much for the chance. :)

marirob said...

I can't help it... I would love another Moonchild doll for Julia! A 13" Moonchild Doll would be amazing. I will take any month and we will pay in advance. Thank you Berrie, for the chance at a custom doll.

Mari Kirsten
mtkirsten at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would take any spot that was offered. Still trying to get my first here. A 13" doll would be my choice. Thank you so very much!
Shane Jackson

Anonymous said...

We would love to have a 13" moonchild and will pay in full :) Please enter us for June, July, and August :) Thank you for the chance :)

Jen Chesla

amy said...

I have a custom coming in a few months but i have two girls and one moonchild is asking for trouble so I would love the oppurtunity for another. February , March, April if you please : )

Amy Cloud

Anonymous said...

hi Berrie :)
We would love a chance at another custom doll.

the months would be March, April and May please.

Erin Morrison is my full name and this is obviously my email address, lol!!

Thanks Berrie have a great weekend
Erin (edt)

Ana said...

Thanks Berrie! Would love a chance for March, April or May.
anabramos33 at

Anonymous said...

I would love an opportunity to own one of your beautiful dolls! Put me down for May, June, or July.

Thank you!
Kari Thompson

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this opportunity! Please enter me for February, April & August.

Thank you!
Melissa Hart

Cara C. said...

Thank you so much for the chance!! Your dolls are wonderful and I would be beyond excited to get my first one as a custom. Month doesn't matter - I'll take whatever spot I can get :)

Cara Campbell

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited!! I would LOVE a spot for a 13" in ANY month I can get. Crossing everything I might get lucky!!
Thanks Berrie!

Fiona said...

Hi Berrie :))
I'd love one of your dolls!! My preference is Feb March or April but ANY month will be just fine!!! 15 inch doll would be great! Thank you!!
Fiona Hauke

Lisa said...

Please enter us for a spot for April, May or June. Thank you. :)
Lisa Wilkinson

musicheals said...

Hi Berrie,
I don't see my comment so I'll add one again. This is wonderful. February, March, April, May, June, July, or August would be fine. My top three choices would be February, March, or April.
Thanks SO much.
Julie Boris

todpaula said...

Hi Berrie I am going to ask for January September or October for a 13" doll but I would be happy with any month. Thanks for the opportunity. Paula Hackett /

Deanna said...

Hi Berrie. I would love a doll in June, July or August please.
Deanna Chaples

majka24 said...

Hiya, May June and July Please

Tiffany O'Connor

Shannon said...

Shannon said...
I would LOVE to be entered for a 13 inch for my daughter Evie since we have never been successful at an upload. Please enter us for the months of June, July, or August. Thank you so much for the chance :)
Shannon Mercer-Diemont

Shannon said...

Oh, I have admired your dolls for so long! Thank you!
Shannon Fountain

Anonymous said...

Oops, Nicole Goodsell
Jan, Feb, march!! Please delete other comment.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me for the months of march, april, and may however I really don't have any special month that is better I am open to any:)

My name is Kelly Fewins

Thank you so much for doing this I LOVE your dolls and am so excited to have a chance at getting one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Thanks again............. Kelly Fewins:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much for letting me email them. I tried and for some reason the blog just would not let me...

My top three dates are April, May and June ..

Hoping for April in time for DD Birthday in May.



Jenifer said...

Hi :)
You are the very very best!!!
Of course I would be thrilled with any :) LOL!!!!

May, July or August, seem like lovely months!

Jenifer Hendershot

April S. said...

Oh Berry, a boy would complete our little brood. Count us in for June, July, August.

April Shecterle

Anonymous said...

Feb Mar or Apr


Al O'Connor

Maria said...

February or March

Thank you Berry !

Mariya Asenova

Michelle D said...

Thanks for the opportunity. Any month would be fine!
Michelle Davy

Anonymous said...

For Mar, Apr, and May? Thank you...Theresa"

Anonymous said...

March, May, July.

Nur Dianah


Anonymous said...

Mary Yuhas

March, May, August

Anonymous said...

hey berrie, I believe you are overwelmed. So if you are gonna make a list after al this one above and there is a spot left I would glady have an opportunity to get one of the dolls you offer. So You pick up a spot whenever you are able to do so.
And a lot of luck in making all these dolls you will need it.
Hugs Anita(

Anonymous said...

I would love a chance for February, March and April. Looking for a 13in doll. Thank you! Michelle Pineo

Kristie Broom said...

I looked through to find my post and realized I didn't put my email on the note. So this I guess a do over, please forgive me. I would love a chance for a custom spot "Berrie Style" girl for February.

Anonymous said...

Dear Berrie
love your dolls I would love to be able to buy one of your dolls, May June October, Please. Thank you.

Debbie Cesnik

AmyJ said...

Your dolls really are works of art Berrie!
Count me in for the lottery!

February, March, August

Amy Johnson

Anonymous said...

Reggie R - Any months please!!!

Anonymous said...

i would love a spot, any month would be fine! no rush! laura saenz.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I may have a shot!
Pippa and I would love any month.
Abigail Owsley

Nice things and kids don't mix... said...

ANY month would be AMAZING! March, June, November if I HAVE to pick, but any month would be brilliant!

Janet said...

Please include me for any of the spots...any month...any time...everytime!...Please with candied sugar on top of marshmellow goo! :D
Janet W. Suprin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to have a shot at the months of October, November or December. I'll email you my last name.


Anonymous said...

Your dolls are sooo pretty I would love one for any month available!!!!
Chloe Marshall

jennison_bec said...

Any month available is Rebecca Jennison

Anonymous said...

March, July, may Lisa hionea @ hotmail .com

Tracy D. said...

How wonderful! We would love to be entered for the months of September, November and December. We have a little guy who would love a doll of his own! Thanks so much! Tracy Diefenbach tldiefenbach (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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Quinn said...

lovely and cute dolls :)