Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Custom Doll Information

So here is the skinny:
Tomorrow, May 18th, I will list 10 slots at 9:30am and 10 slots at 3:30pm (pacific time). These will be in my Etsy shop.
Here is the info that will be with the listings:
Thank you so much for your interest in a Moonchild Doll. The last custom slots of 2011 are happening now. These dolls will be in shipped before the end of October. They will be home in plenty of time for the holidays. Please read my policies before purchasing. Within 24 hours of purchasing I will send a convo to you to get the pertinent information about your doll. You may take the time you need to get it back to me. Please try not to make changes to your order if it is possible.

Here is how it works:
You choose size 13" or 15" (the price is the same for these listings only)
You choose body type, Traditional, Full Moon Baby or Little Moon Baby (very movable limbs)
You choose gender, skin tone, eye color, hair color and hair length.
You choose to have a nose or not to have a nose.
You indicate colors you would like or not like and I will make the perfect outfit for your doll.

You can see most of the dolls I have made here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonchild_studio/

One doll per family please. If you have a doll on order with me already, it is okay to add another.
If you are on my "invitation only sale" list for June, it is okay to purchase a custom slot.
If you already have a little collection of Moonchild dolls please give others a chance at owning one.
I only send dolls to the name and address on the Etsy and Paypal account that purchases the item.
You may add one additional outfit if you choose. I will invoice you for the amount of $40. This does not increase the shipping costs.
I will not be adding sweaters or shoes to the dolls. You can ask Michelle of Turtlekeeper Designs to make shoes for your Moonchild doll. Sweaters are available from many shops on Etsy.

These are the last available custom slots for the year. I am on the fence concerning custom dolls for 2012. We'll see.


Patrick said...

You're dolls are really cute!

Lunettes de soleil Fendi said...

so nice,thank you for sharing,

Kristin said...

So sorry I missed this. These slots sounded wonderful!

Berrie, I was unable to find Turtlekeeper Designs; do you have her link handy? Thank you!

Barrie Hamby said...

Here is the link to Turtlekeeper Designs on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/73415772/custom-mary-jane-crochet-waldorf-doll?ref=pr_shop