Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anatomy of a Full Moon Baby

Here at Moonchild Studio I make 2 different types of natural dolls.  There is the traditional style doll with the fairly straight legs and arms and then there is the dear baby with gently curved arms and legs.

For the Full Moon Baby to be more 'baby like', I make the legs bend back a bit and the arms curve in a bit.   A cap of brushed mohair, a sweet button nose and a little thumb to suck make Full Moon Babies just that much cuter.  Cuddle one and see for yourself. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{ Urban } HOME Goods - a modern swap Take 2

{ Urban } HOME Goods - a modern swap Take 2
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I am in another swap and this is the mosaic I put together so my partner can see what makes my heart flutter.

They "Hey! It's My Birthday" Giveaway Winners are.....

#5  Genia
#31 JennM

Thank you so much for all the wonderful 'Happy Birthday' wishes and congratulations to the winners.  I will need to know if you which size each of you would like.  You may choose a dress set for a 14/15" doll or a 16/17" doll.
Genia and JennM  please email your preferences and address to me.  Thanks!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A "Hey! It's my Birthday" Giveaway

Yes it is. Tomorrow I am celebrating my *gulp* 48th birthday. I am giving away 2 Moonchild Reversible Jumper Sets with Birthday Cupcakes on them. I have 14/15" and 16/17" sizes and you get to choose which size you would like. Just leave a comment here and on Wednesday the 28th at 4pm, I will use the handy dandy Random Number Generator to choose 2 winners. Shipping worldwide is included. Thank you for being such awesome supporters of Moonchild Dolls!

New Dolls. New Clothing. New giveaway

Just a heads up that I will be listing 4 dolls and some clothing in my Etsy shop at 4pm (Pacific) this afternoon. I will also be announcing a giveaway. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am giving away 2 doll outfits. Details and pictures this evening.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A fresh Start

I spent last week in the hospital. Aside from having babies, I had, up until this point in my life, just been visiting when I stepped foot in a hospital.

I came home last Friday and I am on the mend. I was diagnosed with Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and it is being chased away with oxygen and medication.

On a lighter note, my #1 daughter, Amber, spent a big chunk of Wednesday organizing my fabrics. I don't have a proper 'fabric hoarders' stash. I take great efforts to only purchase what I will likely use in the near future. I have wovens, knits, velour, doll skin and wool felt.
                                           The Shelves
                                           mostly flannel and knits

                                           mostly wovens

                                           I really like red and white polka dots

                                           Pink fabric makes me quite happy too

                                           100% wool felt

                                           Cotton Velour

                                           Shades of doll skin fabric

So I get very inspired when my fabrics are organized. Amber will be my assistant on Wednesdays for now and, with her help, I will be able to be more on top of thing in my sewing studio.