Friday, July 9, 2010

A fresh Start

I spent last week in the hospital. Aside from having babies, I had, up until this point in my life, just been visiting when I stepped foot in a hospital.

I came home last Friday and I am on the mend. I was diagnosed with Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and it is being chased away with oxygen and medication.

On a lighter note, my #1 daughter, Amber, spent a big chunk of Wednesday organizing my fabrics. I don't have a proper 'fabric hoarders' stash. I take great efforts to only purchase what I will likely use in the near future. I have wovens, knits, velour, doll skin and wool felt.
                                           The Shelves
                                           mostly flannel and knits

                                           mostly wovens

                                           I really like red and white polka dots

                                           Pink fabric makes me quite happy too

                                           100% wool felt

                                           Cotton Velour

                                           Shades of doll skin fabric

So I get very inspired when my fabrics are organized. Amber will be my assistant on Wednesdays for now and, with her help, I will be able to be more on top of thing in my sewing studio.


leaslooks said...

Oh, how lovely!! I just love your fabric choices always!

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

oh my darling! I hope you get better real soon, and I am so happy to hear your daughter will be helping you out...what a treat! to have your child assisting you ;-)
PS...those shelves full of goodness have made me GREEN with envy...I wish I could inspect them super close and touch all those yummy fabrics...especially the wool felt!

lutin malin said...

superbes tissu, meilleure santé, bises de France

Genevieve said...

Glad to hear your on the mend. Your fabrics are so beautiful & I love how they are arranged.

Jan said...

Oh Berrie,
I am sorry you have this. Have they pin pointed what it is that triggerileeched my bones and g it? I was sick with respirarory issues for a year and that's one of the diagnosis they looked at. All the meds did NOT help. Finally in late April they figured out I had Vocal Cord Disfunction. I got rid of all the meds, did breathing exercises and and finally breathing and doing better. However the prednisone leeched my bones and presently I am on Vit D and Calcium waiting for a bone scan.
Be careful with the meds!

jhenzel said...

Berrie - Take care of yourself!


Anonymous said...

where do you get your wool felt from if you don't mind my asking?

Berrie Wren Hamby said...

I don't mind at all. I get my wool felt from
I buy wholesale for use in my studio. The price after shipping is lower than I can find domestically and the quality is the best.

Anonymous said...

and your dolls are lovely, I just told a friend about you and I am hoping that she will get one of your dolls!

Yvonne said...

Oh Berrie that sucks! How are you feeling now?

I spend Saturday in the emergency room because my back went out and I could not move anymore. Flat on my back for a couple of days and my house looks like 3 bombs exploded! I wish I had older children who would organize my sewing room or at least know how to poor milk without it going all over the kitchen floor ; )
I really hope you are feeling better!!!

Jenny said...

I'll go with the lighter note as I read your most recent post and and see that things are improving a little. I love and am envious of your shelves of fabric , so neat and so pretty. One day I'll have a studio and then I will have such fun!