Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ahhh....A new year and new inspiration

As the new year approaches, I, once again, am evaluating my business. What is working for me and what needs to fall buy the wayside. What will I add or enhance. My wheels are turning and I am feeling a new fervor of creativity welling up. This blog will be my main source of communication with you all. I am leaving Facebook behind at the end of the year.
There will be some changes here at Moonchild Dolls. Good ones. For me and for you.

Here is a wedding day photo. It's about time I shared.


marirob said...

I love it! I think blogs are a wonderful way to show a much more personal side of people's creativity. Mine is woefully behind but I hope too to update more in the New Year.

Here's wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful holiday season!!!

Emily@theNest said...

Thats such a gorgeous photo! Doing what you need to do for your soul gives you energy and joy, so en-joy doing what you do! Looking forward to witnessing it! Blessings from a cold and icy Ireland! X

Ana said...

Love to see you back on your blog! I have missed your posts! :)