Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where the heck is Berrie?

In her studio

I have been working feverishly to get as many custom orders as possible finished before our wedding. When Mr. Hamby and I began planning our big day we both agreed to keep it simple. Who knew that even a simple wedding has a bazzillion little details? Although we have taken the stance that "however it turns out, everything will be just as it should be", tablecloths still need to be ordered, music needs to be corralled, favors need to be decided on (thank you Kelly!), do I really need something in my hair?
Hem the dress , hem the pants, get the marriage license, get the liquor license, clean house, make final decisions on just goes on and on.

In the mean time, I sew. I am working on so many dolls at once. I love all the flying fabric and stuffed body parts. I only put the faces on the heads after the bodies are completely assembled so there are no bodiless heads looking at me.

Here are some leggings I am loving right now:

The fabric is Campan by Hilco. I get it from the lovely Yvonne of Bunte Fabrics I LOVE her and her should too. I also have Campan in pinks and they will be showing up in my Etsy shop soon.

Waaaaay of this topic. My next pair of shoes will be either:



I have been keeping an eye on Fluevogs for sometime now and all of the sudden I NEED 3 pairs. Should I start with the black ones? Hmmm....



Kiera said...

good luck! What an exciting time for you!

I loooove the yellow pair!

Meike said...

Take a deep breath, keep calm... :)

Man, I LOVE those shoes!!!!!! Esp. the yellow and the red ones. *drool*

Visty said...

I didn't know you had a blog going...we just love, love our little woodland themed moondrops!

I own a pair of Fluevogs that are a lot like the middle ones, same color, a little bit different details. They are so comfortable.

Anne said...

Very exciting time!!!!

PS. LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow shoes!

angeeza said...

Thank you for your blog !!!