Thursday, October 15, 2009

***We've set a date***

Dwayne and I have set the wedding date. May 15, 2010. The island is so beautiful year around but especially as Spring goes into Summer. My dear friend Kelly is "The Wedding Planner". He is taking his job very seriously as my e-mail inbox can attest to. He is researching locations, dresses, music.....etc. He will be throwing a shower for me as well. My new job is to reign Kelly in and stay within our budget. Wish me luck!


Tahara said...

Berrie, this is wonderful news!...I got married on the 13th of May, so our anniversaries will be close :-)

I knew wedding bells were in the air!...I am excited for you and wish the best for you and Dwayne...Congratulations :-)

Scarlet said...

Oh, Berrie! He sounds like a wonderful fit for you--congratulations!

Meike said...

Congratulations Berrie!!!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world. :) A big hug across the Pond!

Cristina said...

Berrie, that is the most wonderful thing in the whole world! I am wishing you all the happyness that you can get!
With love, from across the oceans,
Cristina (Romania)

Jane said...

Congratulations Berrie and Dwayne!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Berrie! I am so happy for you and you are certainly among those who deserve some ease and happiness in your life! Much love,