Monday, October 26, 2009

So much yummy happening!

So I have had to resort to making lists. This will please my mom immensely no doubt. It's not that I am opposed to list making. I am just not a natural. Dwayne and my dear mother have it down to a science.

My current lists include:

Custom doll orders. I actually hand wrote them all down instead of just keeping them on the computer. It is so different seeing them on paper. Me likey!

Vacation. Things to pack. Route. Hotel. How many bookstores can we find. Restaurants. John and Kelly time. Mount St. Helens on the way home.

Moving. Not so much fun. The order of progression. Utilities. What goes to what room. What goes to the thrift store, the dump and what goes with us.

Wedding plans. Just too much fun! Guests, dress ideas, favors, flowers, food, decoration, music, cakes, rings, etc.... Dwayne has encouraged me to make this as fun and stress free as possible and to keep within a generous budget. I love him for a myriad of reasons and he just keeps delighting me.

After the move I will be making dolls and clothes for my Etsy shop. I will stock as many as possible in those weeks before Christmas. If you are hoping for a specific hair/eye color combination send me a note and I can probably accommodate you. I have one last custom slot in my Etsy shop right now. This is the last one of the year.

Here is dear Willy and some shoe deliciousness:


Vanessa said...

The wedding planning deserves more than a list -- you need a binder.

And I love that I got that last custom doll spot. I'm looking forward to meeting the babies coming to the Kohlhaas family. (You are only responsible for one, I'll finish "making" the other one.)

Jerri said...

Those little squirrel shoes are adorable!! You are an amazing artist!

vanessa said...

i love his shoes !!!!!!!!!!