Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little Goodness

This is another "So I'm on my way to the airport" day. 2 daughters, one BOD (boyfriend of daughter) and I are on the way to Sea-Tac to gather Julia (16). This is an opportunity to stop in the city to check out our favorite bookstore. Kinokuniya .
Oh my! It is craft book heaven. I picked up 2 books and a little pack of mushroom index tab stickers.

We ate lunch in the Uwajimaya food court and did a little food shopping as well.

On the sewing front, I worked up a simple child size kimono that is based on my doll kimono. I used Heather Ross' new Mendocino fabrics.
The set is being sent off to a customer but I'm certain there will lots of kimono sets being created in my little studio over the next few months.

Now, a little cuppa joe and some book time.


Janice said...

Just wondering- Do you read Chinese (or what ever language the books are written in) or is there enough pictures to just 'get ideas'? Your little girl outfits are darling, and I love the choice (or choices) of fabric that you've been using!

Barrie Hamby said...

Hi Janice,
The books are in Japanese. While I don't read Japanese, the pictures and pattern tutorials provide enough information to make the garments. Some pattern knowledge is helpful.
Thanks! I love the fabrics too!