Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oooooh Fabric

Just a quickie here. German fabrics make me swoon. I plan to be using them more and more for my doll's clothes. Yvonne of Bunte Fabrics orders the most amazing fabrics. I have to start slowly because they are a bit more money than the fabrics I usually buy. They are totally worth it. The prints are divine, the woven plaids make my mouth water and don't even get me started on the organic velour. Ribbons with toadstools, deer, owls, polka dots, hedgehogs etc..... Go see them! She also has European patterns, fantastic buttons and great customer service. I am fortunate to live just across the water from her so I get my packages next day. Take a peek at my little pile of lovely:


Lisa said...

Didn't need to see the ribbon, didn't need to buy it and definitely didn't need the buttons that match, but I can't wait for them to get here. Thanks for the link.

Berrie Wren Bowen said...

Yeah...sorry about that. :)

Steffinchen said...

Hi Berrie,
what would you say if I tell you that I live near by Westfalenstoffe (round about 30 miles)? And that I have never been there before? I love Westfalenstoffe too, and I have some of them. Have you seen the new collection?
The designer of the toadstool ribbon is Paulapü she has her blog on blogspot, too.
It is crazy... I push my nose flat on the screen when I see your fabrics from USA! And you like the German and Netherlands fabrics:-))
Your new fabrics are lovely and I am curios to see what you will sew out of them.
best wishes

Berrie Wren Bowen said...

Oh Stefanie - Thank you for the Westfalen link. Do they have a store that you can visit and purchase from? I would be going nuts over there! So get on over there and get some polka dot velour....go on...get going

Steffinchen said...

Yes, the store is in Münster.
In September is a fair trade for handcraft and needlework in Osnabrück (my hometown) calls: Nadel und Faden (leo says: needle and thread) There are 111 exhibitors who sells fabrics, yarn and many other things you would love. And tada: also Westfalenstoffe. They sell westfalen fabric per pound! That is it where I'm waiting for the hole year... :)
What kind of velour do you mean? The one with the small dots or the larger dots? The pink, green, blue or the orange one? My favorits are the pink and green one with smaller dots. So, now I must be patient till september...