Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I guess I'm not just a carrier.....

Every year we hear about the flu. Every year we hear about that "bug that's going around" and "sooo many people are laid up with it". Well my daughters and I have been able to sail through these times without so much as a sniffle.
Until now.
Cough, fever, headache, joint pain, lethargy, itchy eyes. I think I've had the flu! My days of being just a carrier may be over. So sad. Two of my 3 daughters are dabbling in it as well.
One of my general household rules has always been "we don't get sick". Once they turn eighteen they can cough, sneeze and hurl all they want. But until then they have stay well. Such rebels they are!
I am on the mend and have little bit of show and tell.

This is my Jolly Smock. Instead of being a pullover with an elastic neckline, I gathered and bound the neckline and added wooden heart buttons down the front. 2 rounded and gathered pockets on the front make room for the treasures a toddler gathers throughout the day. This set is a size 3 but, given the style, it can actually be worn by a child from sizes 2-4

There is a little treasure in one of the pockets. This set comes with a Toadstool Moondrop. The Japanese fabric is My Folklore Forest Friends and has squirrels and toadstools strewn about.

The pull-on linen shorts are almost knee length and have a gathered and bound hem. Loose fitting and comfortable.
This set is available on Venus Vanguard Thursday afternoon at 5pm (pacific time).

I will post a few more pictures of some eggs that Horton hatched. Yup! After that first one that took, what, a year? These six eggs were a breeze. Tune in for an update later on today......


kyrie said...

i am so sorry that you're sick! what a bummer. :( but on the upside- this outfit is SO TOTALLY AWESOME. just beautiful!!!

ramona said...

this is sooo lovely!!

get well soon!

Teaching Handwork said...

You items are wonderful! I love how you sew...doll outfits are the devil for me...I just cant do it very well

I would like to put you as a link on my blogs I view..Hope that is ok

Lisa Anne said...

Your dolls are beautiful, I had been making Waldorf Dolls for several years, but now that I am farming full-time I am not finding the time for sewing. Your pictures really inspire me, I love the details of all your clothing-just beautiful! I hope you are all feeling better soon!

jona said...

What a beautiful outfit! I love the look of the linen pants, so classic. The dotted trim is perfect!

Celandine said...

Your dolls are lovely! I make full-size dolls only for my own children (not to sell--too time-consuming) so I am going to send someone your way who is looking to buy one. I'm very impressed. :) Hope your weekend gives you a chance to rest and recuperate!

Lisa said...

Totally adorable. I love the little doll peeking out of the pocket too.

What a nice detail to add. Wonderful project!