Saturday, March 31, 2007

What will I make today?

5:22 am. Why am I already awake? This happens a lot. I wake up with the thought of "what will I make today?" on my mind. Morning inspiration is the best. After working all week in my "real job", the thought of staying home and just "makin' stuff" is a mouth watering proposition. First, I think, I'll clean up my crafting area. No that won't work for me today. Maybe I'll get a little done around the house. Take the trash to the dump, get the kitchen spiffy, maybe a trip to Costco (no small thing as we are on an island and Costco is not).
Flower Fairy pencils and small quilts have been on my mind lately. I picked up some glittery pencils recently an they have perched themselves on my ironing board, taunting me to add little fairies to them.
My good friend Cynthia has a granddaughter turning One soon and the wee one hasn't received one of my quilts yet. I'm feeling pretty inspired to get cracking on a very pink quilt for little Aria.
Off to my studio to see what my day holds.

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