Friday, January 29, 2010

Life in the fast lane

First off, I have a new email address. ......make a note.

I have been sewing, cooking, cleaning and living a quiet, wonderful life with Mr. Hamby and the girls. This would most definitely NOT be considered 'life in the fast lane'. My biggest decisions revolve around what to defrost and should I be so adventurous as to go to the store today?

Mr. Hamby and I get a few games of backgammon in each day and we let the bravado fly! I actually slaughtered him SIX times in a row! He has made a very impressive comeback though and has brought my winning streak to an abrupt halt. He is a very tough opponent.
Good thing I love him so much.

Here are a few recent dolls that made it to my Etsy shop. Sweet Violet has already found her new home.